Timelord Ninja:Tales of shrouded history.

By Rob J Meijer

With "Tales of shrouded history", I aim to publish a series of permafree novelettes that each ask the same questions : What if parts of our history are shrouded. What if scripture and mythology lift a tip of the shroud? What could our history have been like and what impact will that have on our future?. Each of the stories in this series tries to answer these questions in its own distinct way.

Be warned that the stories are short, dense, brainy and, above all, provocative. If you are in any way sensitive about non-theological scripture-inspired topics or christian terminology, about atheism or about subjects related to corporate or government conspiracy theories (including related to NASA and the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing). Especially if you are a US resident; than "DON'T" read my books. If you have a tendency to over-think fiction and to start theorizing that a carefully constructed fictional world might actually be real, or may be designed to seed doubts and lead you astray, than DON'T read my books. Remember they are just short works of fiction, nothing more, nothing less. I'm serious!